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    Welcome to the JML PTA Green Team Webpage!


    We are looking forward to another exciting year of going green at JML! Please join the green team and give back to our school and community! The Green Team helps JML with Grounds Beautification, Recycling Efforts, the Butterfly Courtyard Garden, the Blue Bird Houses, and with the school's Virginia Naturally Application.  To join the Green Team or be involved in any of these activities, please contact our VP of Volunteers at vpvolunteers@jmlpta.org.   We are currently looking for members to join our team and for a chair.  Experienced members are available to train a new chair if you are interested.  




    JML Grounds Beautification


    Every Spring the Green team sponsors a Spring Beautification where we pick up litter, weed, mulch, and clean up the school grounds.  Look for information on how to sign up which will be coming out in the Spring.  

    Fall Gardening?  The Green team also sometimes hosts a Fall gardening day.  Look for details in the PTA newsletter. 





    Lions Roar

    Lions ROAR for Recycling!
    At JML, we recycle!  In 2014, the JML PTA Green Team won a grant from Keep Virginia Beautiful and we developed new signage and purchased new bins to help triple the recycling at JML!   You can learn more about the grant by going to the Keep Virginia Beautiful Website at this link http://keepvirginiabeautiful.org/2014/09/19/11902/.  The campaign culminated on November 6, 2014 with our Lions ROAR for Recycling launch! 
    Ever wonder what can and can't be recycled at JML?  Click on this link Recycling at JML for more details.  If you catch someone at JML recycling, make sure to tweet it to #jmlrecycles!  Thanks and let's get ready to GO GREEN!
    As part of the recycling campaign, there was a school awareness program which included a poster contest and a recycling video.  To view the video, please go this link  http://youtu.be/a6qZprSNYoU.  The Green Team sponsors an awareness event in the cafeteria each Fall to help students understand the importance of recycling and how to recycle at JML.  Students will be encouraged and rewarded for properly recycling.   
    Printer Cartridge & Cell Phone Recycling!
    JML recycles used cell phones and printer cartridges.  There is a collection box in the school's main office and the used items are turned in to a recycling company and the funds go to benefit the school.   For details on what types of cartridges are accepted, please see the Funding Factory Link below.  
    Here are just a few examples of how our work is making a lasting change: 
    • Reprocessing 1 empty toner cartridge averts 2.5 pounds of solid waste from being land-filled.
    • Recycling 1 printer cartridge prevents natural resources, such as oil, from being used to produce a new one.
    • Re-manufacturing 1 cell phone stops 220 pounds of waste from being generated.
    • Recycling these items has stopped 31 million pounds of e-waste from being land-filled!


    funding factory

    Throughout the year, JML collects these items.  Look for the marked collection box in the school main office to drop off your items.  To see a list of items that are accepted, click here.  JML also earns a cash bonus from recycling these items!  Thank you for helping our school and our environment.  For more information about recycling, swee the Funding Factory website here.



    JML's Butterfly Courtyard Garden & Monarch Way Station


    In Spring 2015, the Green Team implemented a new Monarch Waystation at JML.  The Green Team maintains the garden throughout the year.   In the Spring and Summer, we will be maintaining the gardens and watching for monarchs. In the summer, the Green Team harvests herbs and donates these to the Dulles South Food Pantry.  We can always use help maintaining the Garden, contact the Green Team if you'd like to help.  To see a design of the garden and information about its installation, please click on the links below.  
    Would you like to help us purchase soil, mulch, flowers, plants, herbs, bulbs and other necessary items for our butterfly garden and school grounds?  Participate in our Direct Donation Campaign.  Any level of donation will help!  Your donation will be used to support Green projects around the school.  
    JML Blue Bird Houses 

    blue bird In Spring 2014, the Green Team helped to install a Blue Bird House at JML.  In Spring 2017, two additional houses were installed as part of a Girl Scout Gold Award project.  The houses are now a part of the official Blue Bird Trail Monitoring System which is handled in conjunction with the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy.   The purpose of the house and the trail monitoring system is to help protect song birds, by providing houses and monitoring them so that predators and pests do not infiltrate their homes.  The goal is to increase the population of the blue bird species.  These species have become more endangered in recent times due to housing developments taking away their natural homes and because of the increased use of pesticides.  

     A trail monitor, checks the JML bird houses regularly.  We are pleased to announce that we did have bluebirds nest and have babies in the Spring of 2015 and 2016!   In Spring of 2017 we had birds in all three nest boxes - chickadees, tufted timice, and tree swallows - all important cavity dwelling species.  Next time you visit the JML basketball courts, see if you can find our blue bird houses (but please make sure not to disturb any birds which may be inside)!bird house   To follow progress of the birds in the JML houses, follow @BlueBirdsofSR on twitter.  
    Student Green Club
    In the past years, either school staff or the Green Team have sponsored a student Green Club that helps with recycling, gardening and beautification projects around the school.  Information on the Green Club (if there is one) will be available during the student club fair in the Fall.   
    Anyone needing accommodations due to a disability in order to meaningfully participate in this event is asked to contact Jennifer Brooks at 703-722-2660 at least 5 days prior to the event.

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