• Our next learning journey is related to several novels that you will be reading together in small, learning groups.  Your success or failure depends greatly on your ability to prioritize, to organize, and to stay on task.  Each assignment and each activity that you guys do will be determined by your group.  It is imperative to keep in touch with your team and to also keep up with the required readings.  Your homework is decided together, as a group.  I will act as more of a facilitator, than teacher.  My hope is that you all become stronger, more in depth readers that can look beyond the surface in order to reach a more enlightened and thorough understanding of classical literature.
    This unit is going to span at least 4 weeks.  Additionally, you will have other assignments that may overlap with the Literature Circles Unit.  This means YOU MUST STAY ON TOP OF ALL OF YOUR WORK!  If you don't meet the nightly requirement (your team decides how much you will read on most days), then you can't get full credit during the Lit. Circle Discussions in class- the next day. I will observe your activities and keep track of your group and individual progress.  Please be mindful of this when you get the urge to slack off during Discussion Time.  You will need to bring your novel and your textbook to class each day.  Some days will be split between both types of activities.  Other days, we will focus on only one learning activity.
    The final activity will require you and your team to decide how you want to "teach" your novel to the rest of the class.  Our unit will end with a "Book Signing" Celebration in which we share all of the amazing things our novels taught us about life and about ourselves.  Your group needs to decide (today) which members will be responsible for typing up and sending me the activities (plans) so that I can post them on the webpage to ensure all students know what they missed each day.  I look forward to growing and learning with you!
      Literature Circle Teams--- 2nd & 4th period teams
    7th period:  Round I-- To Kill A Mockingbird
Last Modified on November 5, 2015