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    The Parents as Educational Partners (PEP) Program in Loudoun County Public Schools promotes parent involvement in the school community for parents whose primary language is not English.  PEP program participants attend classes to learn about the educational system in the United States, their district and their school, gaining information that will enable them to be decision makers and advocates in their children's education.  PEP program participants become an important part of the school community, have a voice in their children's education and learn English while learning about school.
       PEP Topics:
    • The United States School System
    • School Personnel and the School Day
    • School Procedures
    • Report Cards
    • Helping your Child at Home
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences
    • Discipline at School
    • Resources at School
    • Standardized Testing
    • Summer Opportunities
    Check back here for the link to the flier for the next PEP meeting in the 2024 - 2025 school year! 

    Best, Your PEP Team

    Jessica Klinger (Family Liaison)

    Arabella Myers (EL Teacher)