• Top Ten Scholarship Don'ts

    With Joey Davis, ISTS Scholarship Guru

    10.) Don’t worry if you apply for one scholarship and aren’t selected as a winner. 
    There are hundreds of scholarships out there, you just have to do some research to find programs that are the best fit for you.
    9.) Don’t forget to check your e-mail regularly during the application process. 
    Scholarship administrators typically send important application-related reminders, like incomplete notifications and deadline extensions, via e-mail to keep applicants informed.
    8.) Don’t forget to follow up with any individuals you asked to serve as a reference for you scholarship applications. 

    Your application will be incomplete if your reference doesn’t submit his/her portion by the deadline.
    7.) Don’t forget to monitor the status of all your scholarship applications. 
    A simple mistake - like uploading an invalid document or skipping a required field, can render your application incomplete. You will want to correct these problems as quickly as possible.
    6.) Don’t forget to review your final application for accuracy, spelling and grammar. 
    You want to provide the selection committee with the most accurate information possible and typos make it seem like you didn’t put much effort into your application.
    5.) Don’t be afraid to stand out. 
    Whether it’s through your personal statement, essay or resume, you want to show the selection committee what makes you special and different from all the other applicants.
    4.) Don’t upload a document in a format that is not listed as acceptable on the application instructions. 
    It will most likely be rejected and your application will be incomplete until you upload the document in a correct format.
    3.) Don’t proceed with the application until you have read the eligibility requirements and confirmed you are eligible. 
    You do not want to spend time filling out an application for an award you can’t win.

    Don’t lie about your academic achievements. 
    Most administrators request proof via a school transcript or a counselor verification, so any discrepancies will be easily identified and will most likely disqualify you from the application process.  
    And the number one Scholarship Don't is......

    1.) Don’t wait until the program’s deadline day to submit your application. 
    Scholarship administrators are usually swamped with calls and e-mails from applicants the closer it gets to the deadline date – so if you have a question or issue around the deadline you might not receive a response in time to complete and submit your application.