• Willowcroft Science Endowment 

    The Willowcroft Science Endowment Fund is the result of a donation in excess of $100,000 by Lewis Parker, long time RSEF supporter, and the owner and winemaker at Willowcroft Farm Vineyards, Loudoun’s first commercial winery. Mr. Parker generously added funding to the Willowcroft Science Endowment in 2009, and invites other members of the scientific community to participate.


    The Willowcroft Science Endowment Fund permanently endows the Loudoun Education Foundation with an annual income stream restricted for use in support of Loudoun County Public Schools Regional Science & Engineering Fair (RSEF), for which Mr. Parker has a special passion developed through years of meaningful involvement. The Piedmont Community Foundation invests and manages the endowment, and makes charitable distributions to the Loudoun Education Foundation, which administers grants for the sciences.


    “I really believe that science is the future for our county and our country” said Mr. Parker. “We need to motivate and support the kids who have an interest in science and the teachers who help them. I hope to be able to add to the fund in the future and that others will also contribute directly, or through this endowment.”


    “Support for the project comes from Mr. Parker because he feels it is extremely important to keep open an outstanding creative path for high school students excelling in the sciences and scientific research, and to also reward their mentors,” said Odette D. Scovel, RSEF Director. The Willowcroft Award, one of the scholarships ($5,000) supported by the Willowcroft Science Endowment, is given at the RSEF to a student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the sciences. A teacher is also awarded $5,000 in recognition of the support and mentoring they provide to students. Scovel continues, “Mr. Parker’s support of the science fair over the past 18 years has been wonderful for our students and teachers. His generosity is amazing, and we are thrilled to be the recipients of this gift for the science fair.”

    Members of the community are invited to contribute to the Willowcroft Science Endowment Fund. Those interested should contact Dawn Meyer, Executive Director of the Loudoun Education Foundation, 571-252-1102 or visit the LEF website at http://lef-va.com/
Last Modified on March 4, 2019