1.  Respect your classmates and the instructor.  You will always receive the same.


      2.  Always enter the class in an orderly fashion.


      3.  Be on time for class.  If you are late for class, you must present an admit slip.  Coming to class without an admit slip/note, constitutes and unexcused tardy. Unexcused tardies will result in consequences.


      4.  Everyone is to be in their assigned seats and quiet when the tardy bell rings.


      5.  Everyone is required to have a separate notebook for class and it should be brought to class with you every day.  All students are required to have a file folder to store tests/quizzes.


      6.  Everyone is required to bring their textbook to class and have a pen or pencil.  (You will need a pen of different color as well).  You will not be allowed to go to your lockers without receiving an unexcused tardy.


      7.  All tests, quizzes and homework are to be taken according to the Honor Code unless otherwise indicated.  The words Code of Honor or (COH) should be written on all work turned in.


      8.  Assignments will be made in advance.  You are responsible for the assignments and if you are absent for any reason, you are expected to make up the work upon your return to class.  Make-ups can be done during any flex.  Failure to do so will result in a “0".


      9.  If you are absent from class and need to pick up missed assignments, you may do so at any time, during any flex or before school between the times of 8:30 and 9:00 am.  A buddy system will be used so that assignments can be forwarded to you, if possible.


    10.  Homework should be turned in on time.  I will not accept late assignments pass three consecutive days.  5 points per day will be deducted for late assignments.  You will be given class time to begin and complete assignments.  It is important that you remain on task.  If you need a book to complete assignments, you may check one out—it must be returned the next day.


    11.  All desk are to remain in order (as you find them) and flat on the floor.


    12.  Defacing school property will not be tolerated.


    13.  Do not leave trash or papers in your desk.  All  written work should be kept in your notebook or folder.


    14.  Everyone is to remain seated when the bell rings, you will be dismissed by me.


    15.  No eating food or candy in class.  We can work with this.


    16.  Grading: Driver Education will count as a separate grade as well as part of HEP 10. Do  your best.  Driver Education & Health will count as 50% of your grade.  Physical  Education will count as the other 50%.




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Last Modified on September 21, 2005