Family and Consumer Sciences 7 is a one semester, 18 week exploratory program which provides a hands-on contemporary approach to the development of skills that are critical to everyday life. Activities prepare students for taking on responsibility at home and in their lives.  Students will have the opportunity to explore, through a multi-media approach, concepts and practice skills related to nutrition, laundry techniques, consumerism, personal grooming, money management, food science and preparation, career interests, environmental issues, and many more.  Instruction in Work and Family Studies reinforces Virginia Standards of Learning.
    The Family and Consumer Science module lab is designed to introduce students to the knowledge and skills that will enhance their life and help them in the exploration of many related career paths. This is a modular program, which delivers the lesson content via computer and is accompanied by "hands-on" activities to allow students to put their learning into practice. Our classroom will attempt to simulate a working environment. Specifically, students will be expected to exhibit appropriate behaviors, meet required objectives, and manage their time effectively.
    Main Topics: 
    • Managing work and family responsibilities for the well being of self and others
    • Applying problem-solving processes to the individual
    • Relating to others in positive, caring ways
    • Assuming leadership roles as a responsible family member and citizen in a global environment
    • Exploring individual development
    • Exploring family development
    • Exploring resource management
    • Exploring careers
    • Practicing employability skills
    • Exploring workplace readiness skills
    Practical Application Assessments - 55%
    Related Activities - 35%
    Workplace Readiness Skills - 10%
    Link to 7th grade FACS Virginia state competencies: