• AP Language: First Quarter
    • Students will begin learning the requirements for free response and literary analysis timed writes.
    • Students will begin reading types of essays, covering narrative, example and compare/contrast.  They will use these as models for essays of their own.
    • Students will take place in discussions, group work and seminars as a way to process the work we read and write.
    • Students will create an extension to a novel that attempts to recreate the voice of that novel.  Students will begin reading this book the first week of school.
    • Students will keep a daily writer's journal and take part in a class reading.
    • Students will begin practice with AP Language multiple choice.
    • Students will begin study of literary devices and rhetorical devices necessary for the study of non-fiction.
    • Students wil read various essays about the craft of writing.

    Outside reading book:  Students will choose from a list of novels provided the first week of class.  Students will have the book read by the first week of October.

    Daily Work
    •  Students will have class reading almost daily and will keep various types of "notes" based on that reading.
    • Students will keep a monthly reading calendar of things they read for pleasure.  They will turn these in on the first class day of the new month.  It is expected that students will read 8 hours/month of independent, free choice reading.  My reasoning behind this is that research shows that the students with the highest SAT scores in the country read regularly.  It is my hope that I can help kids develop a love of reading, not just a sense of reading for an assignment.  I will make book suggestions and often find that kids suggest books to me.  This is great when it happens.  The outside reading book assignment will count on the reading calendar, other school assigned reading will not.


Last Modified on August 21, 2017