• Capital Improvement Program

    The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget is a six-year financial plan for the acquisition, development, construction, addition, and/or renovation of public facilities, infrastructure, and capital equipment.

    For Loudoun County Public Schools, a CIP budget is prepared by the Superintendent in the fall of each year.  The recommended capital budget is presented to the School Board for review and action.  Following School Board adoption, the capital budget is forwarded to the County Administrator for inclusion in the County's Proposed Fiscal Plan.  The Board of Supervisors adopts an annual Fiscal Plan each spring.  Authority to spend public funds for identified capital projects is held by the Board of Supervisors and authorized as a part of the annual Fiscal Plan. 

    Details on specific, active LCPS construction projects can be found on the LCPS Division of Construction Services webpage.

    School Board Adopted FY2025 - FY2030 Capital Budgets (CIP & CAPP), dated December 12, 2023

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