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     Gourmet Foods
    "Nutrition and Wellness"
      3rd Quarter Overview Spring 2015
    Topics we will cover and food labs:
    Safety and Sanitation
    Kitchen Equipment
    Conversions and Measurements
    Lab Planning and Time Management
    Reading Recipes
    Cooking Principles
    Peach Cobbler Lab
    King Cake Lab
    Apple Pies
    Green Fett Lab
    Dietary Guidelines
    Cultural Project
    Binder Evaluations & 4 Health Related Article Summaries
    DUE DATES (posted in the front of the room)                                                                      
     3rd quarter                                                   4thquarter

                1st        Why Breakfast is?                  1st  Recycling in the kitchen            

                2nd       Family Meal Planning            2nd T.V. Program nutrition or health

                3rd        Kitchen Layouts                     3rd  Vitamins/Supplements

                4th        Heart Health                           4th  Community Nutrition Resources


     Binders Due: Same day as Article #4
    Students' of the Month:
    February -
    March -
    April -
    May - 



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