• Team Rules and Expectations

    Please note: The following rules and expectations are additional team rules that may or may not be found in the Loudoun County Public Schools Student Athletic Handbook.  Team members are expected to and responsible for abiding by all rules listed in the Student Athletic Handbook as well as the rules listed below.


    1.      Weekday practices will be held Monday-Friday from 4:15-5:30pm and Saturday from          8:00-9:30am.  We will meet at the entrance to the track every day, unless other arrangements for practice have been made.  Those arrangements will be announced by the coaching staff in advance. 

    2.      Athletes should arrive on time, dressed and ready to run/workout.  All athletes are required to check-in with a member of the coaching staff at the beginning of practice and check-out with a member of the coaching staff before leaving practice. This helps to ensure that any athlete/coach concerns that may arise are addressed immediately and without delay.

    3.     Athletes are release from class at 3:48pm.  Practice will begin promptly at 4:00pm.   Athletes are expected to arrive to practice on time and ready to workout.  If an athlete is late to practice, they must provide the coach with a written excuse and/or doctor’s note. Athletes who arrive late without prior approval or written excuse/doctor’s note will be subject to the following:

    a.     1st unexcused tardy to practice: Athlete will receive a warning.

    b.     2nd unexcused tardy to practice: Written/email or phone contact with parent to discuss tardiness to practice.

    c.     3rd unexcused tardy to practice: Removal from practice for the day, which will be counted as an unexcused absence.

    d.     4th unexcused tardy to practice:  Removal from practice for the day, which will be counted as an unexcused absence.  And a meeting will be scheduled with the athletic director to discuss possible removal from the team.

    4.     Athletes are expected to attend all practices/competitions during the season. Athletes are allowed 3 unexcused absences during the season.  Attendance conflicts will be handled on an individual basis at the coaching staff’s discretion.   If you are absent without prior approval from the coach, you must provide the coach with a written excuse and/or doctor’s note.  Unexcused absences from practice will have the following consequences:

    a.     1stunexcused absence: Athlete will receive a warning and be reminded of attendance policy.

    b.     2nd unexcused absence: A phone called be made to parent to discuss absence.

    c.     3rd unexcused absence: A meeting with the Athletic Director, parents, athlete and coaches will be held to discuss possible removal from the team.

    d.     4th unexcused absence: Coaching staff will recommend to the Athletic Director that

    the athlete be dismissed from the team.

    5.     If an LVHS Track & Field team member arrives to school after 9:15am unexcused, they may not practice that day, but are still expected to attend practice.  Failing to do so, will result in an unexcused absence.

    6.   Athlete’s participation at practice and competitions/meets will be at the complete discretion of the coaching staff.


    1.     Every athlete will be issued a uniform.  Athletes are responsible for the washing and maintenance of their uniform during the season and must return the uniform at the end of the season.  Damaged or lost uniforms will be replaced at the athlete’s expense. Uniforms should only be worn during competitions.

    2.     Lockers will be assigned to each athlete.  Athletes are responsible for keeping any personal items in their lockers during practice and not giving out the locker combination.  Loudoun Valley High School and its staff/coaches cannot be held responsible for any personal items that end up missing or stolen at practice due to lockers not being locked or combinations being given out by runners.

    3.     Chip timing may be used at some of the events that we will be competing at this season.  Athletes are responsible for returning their chips to a member of the coaching staff before leaving any competition.  Replacement of chip timers will be at the athlete’s expense. 

    4.     All equipment issued to athletes must be maintained properly throughout the season and must be returned at the end of the season in the same condition as when it was issued.  Parents/athletes will be charged the cost of equipment that is not returned, damaged, and/or lost.


    1.     All LVHS Track & Field team members are required to travel to and from the meets on the team bus unless excused by the coaches prior to the day of the meet.  Athletes need to be respectful of the driver and his/her bus.  Please thank your driver and be sure to pick up all trash and personal items before exiting. 

    2.     If an LVHS Track & Field team member arrives to school after 9:15am unexcused on the day of a meet, they are ineligible to participate in that meet.  Even though they will not be participating, they are still expected to attend the meet to support their teammates.

    3.     Athletes are expected to leave all meets and team areas in better than the condition they found it in.  Be sure to pick up all trash and personal items before exiting.  Be respectful of the hosting team!


    1.     Loudoun Valley High School Track & Field team members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for school representation and follow all rules outlined in the Loudoun County Public Schools Athletes Handbook.  This includes following good sportsmanship policies as stated below:

    a.     Accept discipline and decisions without questions

    b.     Refrain from grandstanding

    c.     Represent the school well in the community and as a member of the hosting or visiting team.

    d.     Use appropriate language at ALL times

    e.     Respect all coaches, officials, parents, team members and opponents

    2.     Smoking is prohibited for all team members, managers and coaches.

    3.     Any form of hazing will result in immediate dismissal from the Track & Field team.

    4.     Coaches Grzeda, Coach Jones and/or Loudoun Valley High School Administration will determine discipline procedures.

    5.     All team members will be expected to participate in spirit wear during school on (or prior to) meet days.

    Early Release from School

    Throughout the season, there will be times when students will be released from class early to ensure that we can arrive at a competition in time to properly warm-up.  Because these are student athletes, and school must be a priority, it is the policy of the LVHS Track & Field Coaching Staff and LVHS Athletic Department that only athletes/managers participating in the competition will be released from class early.  Athletes’ participation at competitions will be at the discretion of the coaching staff.

    Lettering Policy

    Athletes: To be eligible to letter, you must…

    1.     Score team point(s) in ½ of all Regular season Varsity meets


    2.     qualify for and participate in the District Tournament


    3.     must finish the season as a member in good standing.

    Managers: To be eligible to letter, you must…

          1.       Be present at practices you are scheduled to assist.

          2.       Be present at all meets.

          3.       Fulfill any/all duties assigned by the coaches.


    Injuries must be reported to the coaching staff immediately.  Not reporting injuries in a timely manner can cause more damage and a longer recovery period.  If an athlete is seen by a doctor, for any reason, they must have written notice that they can participate in athletics before returning to practice/meets.

    Parent Concerns

    If any parent has a question and/or concern, please abide by the following procedures:

    1.       Contact the coaching staff first – the LVHS Cross Country Team coaching staff is happy to speak to you about your athlete(s) at your convenience.  You may reach Head Coach Erin Grzeda by e-mail at erin.grzeda@lcps.org or at 703-629-2022.

    2.       If after speaking with the coaching staff, you do not feel that your question and/or concern has been answered to your satisfaction, please contact the LVHS Athletic Director at 540-751-2410


    After reading the Team Rules and Expectations for the 2012 Track & Field season, please sign below and return to Coach Grzeda or Coach Jones by February 27th, 2012


    I have read, understand and agree to abide by the Team Rules and Expectations for the LHVS 2012 Track & Field season.


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