• Welcome to Fashion Design! 

    Course Description: Introduction to Fashion Design and Merchandising focuses on identifying and exploring individual careers within the fashion design, manufacturing, and merchandising industry.


    Topics Covered:

    ·         Examining the relationship among all areas of the clothing industry

    ·         Examining related global and economic issues

    ·         Comparing and contrasting clothing designs of various fashion designers

    ·         Comparing and contrasting clothing styles through the ages

    ·         Applying, analyzing and maintaining textile technology

    ·         Planning a wardrobe

    ·         Demonstrating fashion design skills

    ·         Demonstrating fashion and tailoring construction techniques

    ·         Merchandising fashion

    ·         Exploring careers in color, design, and finishing and auxiliary fashion industries

    ·         Examining and practicing clothing maintenance, alterations, and repair

    ·         Examining entrepreneurial opportunities in related areas

    ·         Identifying skills and characteristics necessary for success in careers in the textile, design, apparel production, and fashion merchandising industries

    ·         Demonstrating general operational procedures required for business profitability and career success

    ·         Seeking employment in the fashion industry

    ·         Practicing general employment skills

    ·         Balancing work and family

    ·         Examining all aspects of industry

    Fashion Design                                      Quarter 1 Schedule

    Mrs. Kuebler                                                               Fall 2014



    Week 1:      Introduction

                       Fashion Personality Quiz

                      Fashion Personality Quiz

                       Personal Style Collage

                      PowerPoint with Collage Directions
                   Introduce Fashion Magazine    
                      Project Details
                      Magazine Rubric        

                       Fashion Eras magazine cover

                See above links for details - due Monday September 8th!

    Week 2:      Overview of Apparel Industry

                       Newspaper Dress

                      Project Runway Show
                      Newspaper Dress Directions

                       Present Fashion Era magazine article

                      Due Sept 16th.


    Week 3:      Fashion Terminology

                   Guided Notes
    Week 4: Style 101 PPT
                  Components of a dress
                   Review for quiz


    Week 5:      Career Profile Article

                See project details and rubric under week 3 for details - due Thursday, October 10 at the beginning of class


    Week 6:      Career Presentations


    Weeks 7 and 8:  Sewing Machine Safety and Practice

                Safety PowerPoint
                Sewing packet and terminology

                       Sewing machine QUIZ - on Thursday, October 31! 


    Week 9:      Basic Fashion Construction and Repair

                       Start Tote Bag/Pillow

                  Pillow cover directions
    Week 10: Pillow
    Week 11: Elements of Design and Lines (Notes and Portfolio pages)
    Week 12: Elements of Design and Color
          Color Wheel assignment - see me for the color wheel
    Week 13: Designer Profile for Magazine
    Week 14: Guest Speaker (FIDM) and Current Trends Article
    Week 15: Marketing
    Week 16:
       Begin Final Project