• Quarter 3-  Marketing I
    PPT Lessons and Assignments
    January 27th-                            Snow Day/ Beginning of Quarter 3
    January 28th-29th:                      Advertising PPT Mktg I - PPT Lesson- Advertising and Print Ads
                                                       Class Assignment:  Create Print Ad that Applies the Marketing Mix- 50 Points
    February 3rd-4th:                         Advertising Campaign PPT
                                                         Project- Ad Campaign- 100 Points
    February 5th-6th:                        Work on Ad Campaign Project
    February 9th-10th:                     PPT Presentations- Ad Campaigns
    February 11th-12th:                   Visual Merchandising PPT
                                                         Video Lesson- Visual Merchandising
    February 13th- 17th:                  Video Lesson:  Visual Merchandising
     February 18th-19th:               Technological tools and methods used to market goods and services
    February 20th-23rd:                Benefits of various types of promotion
    February 24th-25th:                 Ethics in promotion      
    February 26th-27th:               Video Lesson (Visual Merchandising and We Bought a Zoo)
    March 2nd:                           Snow Day
    March 3rd- 4th:                     Complete Video Lesson (Visual Merchandising and We Bought a Zoo)
    March 5-6th:                         Snow Days
    March 9th:                             Class Activity- Create PPT that applies one of the concepts of Visual Merchandising discussed in class.                                                 Instructions are found on last slide of the Visual Merchandising PPT Lesson posted above for Feb. 11th. 
    March 11th-12th:                    PPT Lesson: Product/Service Planning 
    March 13th and 16th:          Samsung Example PPT-  Example of Product Line, Width, and Depth-  Class Assignment:  Select a business of your choice to identify the following:  Product Mix, Product Lines, and Width and Depth of Lines.   Create a chart using Word or PPT.  Students may want to use the school store as the business to illustrate.  50 Points
    March 17th and 18th:           PPT Lesson: Product Life Cycle -  Following class lesson on product life cycle, students complete class activity to apply knowledge to a product in the school store.  Assignment on last slide of PPT lesson.  50 Points
    March 19th and 20th:          
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