• QUARTER 3-  Advanced Marketing
    (Beginning of Quarter 3 adjusted due to snow days)
    January 22, and January 25-29, 2016-  SNOW DAYS
    Feb. 1- 2 Hour Delay- make-up work
    Feb. 3- Introduce selling unit; Difference between Business-to-Business Sales and Business-to-Consumer Sales as well as similarities.
    Class discussion. 
     Feb. 5 and 8- PPT Lesson- Selling - PPT lesson on selling; business to business selling and business to consumer selling; Discussed and reviewed Buying Motives of customers.  Class assignment found on slide 11 of PPT Lesson.  Students work in small groups to discuss and identify Buying Motives of The Falcons' Nest as we purchase merchandise for our retail store and then identify the buying motives of OUR CUSTOMERS.  Students summarize their responses in PPT presentation and email to mbelote@lcps.org  50 Points.
    Feb. 10- Brief class discussion regarding what is meant by "clientele" and how to develop clientele.  Students then worked in a small group to research using Internet and identify top three ways that companies build clientele for their organization.  Students summarize their findings in a PPT and email to mbelote@lcps.org   50 Points
    Feb. 12- Topic/Competency:  Analyze Innovative Customer Service through case studies.  Students divided into groups of 2-3 people per group.  The group selects on case study from the website https://disneyinstitute.com/client-impact/case-studies/   Each member of the group reads the case study and then the group prepares a PPT that summarizes the customer service techniques implemented.  Customer Service Case Study Assignment  Email to mbelote@lcps and prepare to share out presentation during the next class block.  50 Points
    Feb. 15- HOLIDAY
    Feb. 16- Snow Day
    Feb. 17 - Student groups present PPT presentation to peers on Buying Motives.  
    Feb. 19th-  Last day for students to present Buying Motives PPT presentation.  
    Feb. 23rd-  School Store Lab- Physical Inventory
    Feb 25- Stock Plan Assignment- Based on the physical inventory that was taken in the previous class, students prepare a basic stock plan using Word or EXCEL.  Submit to mbelote@lcps.org
    Feb 29-  Students prepared for SLC presentations or used class to catch up on missed assignments
    March 2-  Vendor Presentation- Mr. Ned Jones; Total Sportswear Company- Students listen to sales presentation by this vendor for The Falcon's Nest and take notes regarding new items for spring and early fall purchases.  Students engage with throughout the sales presentation and determine the merchandise they will recommend that the store purchases for delivery and to re-sell.
    March 4-  DECA at SLC.  Students prepare purchasing plan based on notes and information from the vendor presentation last class.
    March 8- Complete Purchasing Plan.  Submit to mbelote@lcps.org  50 Points 
    March 10- Class Discussion on Product Life Cycle and Strategies to manage the life cycle.  PPT Lesson: Developing Product/Service Planning Skills  Students reviewed the Product Life Cycle Chart on PPT slide 2 and discussed strategies (product modification; target modification; Re-Positioning)  Working in small groups, students discussed and answered Process Questions on slide 4.  Prepare it Word document as a group and email to mbelote@lcps.org for 50 point assignment. 
    March 14-   Review of SWOT analysis.  Working in small groups, students conduct a SWOT analysis of a product/service to analyze the effect of competition on the product/service. (include the effect of competition on pricing, merchandising, quality control, financial resources, debt, potential market growth, and sales strategies of the selected product/service.  Email to mbelote@lcps.org
     50 Points
    March 16-   Review of the product management strategy "Re-Positioning".  Students work in small groups to develop a new positioning plan for an existing product in The Falcons' Nest.  Prepare ideas in a PPT presentation.  Groups will present their ideas to the class on March 18th.  50 Points.
    March 21-25     SPRING BREAK 
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