• Expectations and Procedures

    Mrs. Hollinger’s Math Analysis & Pre-Calculus Classes


    Class Rule:  Be polite, considerate, kind and respectful of every person in this room at all times.


    Class Expectations  I expect my students to…

    ·         cooperate with me and each other in class activities

    ·         practice being mature individuals

    ·         do their best in class and on homework

    ·         arrive on time and prepared, working on the warm-up by the time the bell rings

    ·         maintain an organized notebook

    ·         complete and turn in all make-up work in a timely fashion.


    Class Procedures

    1. Please do the warm-up that will be on the board when you come.
    2. I’ll check homework on quiz days and I’ll grade it for reasonable effort.  You may turn in any missing homework assignments for partial-credit before the chapter test.
    3. Please get help ASAP when you don’t understand a topic.  I’m here before and after school on B-days to help you, so please stop by!  Feel free to email me at Susan.Hollinger@lcps.org at any time with your homework questions.  You’ll be working in groups and pairs.  Participate and be focused!  You’ll be a teacher and a learner during those activities.



    q  a 3-ring binder

    q  loose-leaf lined paper and graph paper

    q  a pencil  (You risk loosing 5 points on tests, quizzes and problem sets done in pen!)

    q  some multi-colored pens, pencils, dry-erase markers, or highlighters. 


    Problem Sets  I will be assigning four to six problem sets each quarter.  You may get help from teachers, tutors, Math Lab, other students, the book, the internet, etc.  These will combine to count as one quiz-grade.  You may turn problem sets in one school-day late, not one class day, for 50% off. 


    Make-up work  We’ll follow the Broad Run policy in regard to make-up work.  You will have one week to make up a missed quiz or test.  It will become a zero after that time, so please be prompt and pro-active in completing make-up work.


    Calculators  I encourage students to purchase their own TI-83, TI-83 Plus or TI-84.  These calculators are allowed on the math portion of most of the standardized tests that many students will take in high-school, and it is a good idea to be familiar with them.  Students may come in before or after school to use a BRHS calculator in my room.  I reserve the right to reset (clear the memory of all programs and games) any calculator when a student is playing or transferring a game during class time.  There will be a section of most quizzes and/or tests which will be “non-calculator.”  In these sections, students will generally not be allowed to use a calculator.  There may be some special situations in which a student would be allowed use a four-function calculator on the non-calculator section of a quiz or test to assist with their math facts, and that will be at the teacher’s discretion.


    Available help  Students may get help by:

    q  coming to room 107 before or after school on B-days to work with me

    q  emailing me at Susan.Hollinger@lcps.org

    q  scheduling to come to room 107 during the FLEX period


    If you need or want more help, please contact the guidance office for a list of available math tutors. 


    I’m looking forward to a great year, and I’m glad that you’re in my class.  You are a unique person, and you will add to the quality of the class and everyone’s learning. 





    Susan Hollinger