• While you read with your student, ask him or her these questions to help them monitor their comprehension!


    Fiction Books:

    1. Can you describe the main character?

    2. Where did the story take place? Describe the setting.

    3. Was there a problem in the story? Can you tell me about it?

    4. How did the main character solve the problem?

    5. Did you have any connections with the story as you read it?

    Text to Text: something in the story reminded you of something else you read in a different book

    Text to Self: something in the story reminded you of something that happened to you

    Text to World: something in the story reminded you of something that saw/heard of happening in the world somewhere

    6. If you were the main character, would you have done anything differently?

    7. Create an alternate ending.

    8. Create an alternate title, and explain why.

    9. Retell the story, using details, character's na#es, and vocabulary from the text.

    10. What was the most important event that happened in the story, and why was that the most important?
    1. What was the story trying to tell/teach you?

    2. Tell me what you learned while reading this book.

    3. Whatever this book was about...is it similar to any other non-fiction book that you read? Can you tell me how they are the same?

    4. What do you know about this topic, that the author did not include, that is important?