• Welcome to Sports, Entertainment & Recreation Marketing!
    Mrs. Daley's Class Syllabus!
    This exciting course is designed for students with an interest in the sports, entertainment, and recreation industry.  This unique and innovative program explores all aspects of industry within each area.  Students will focus on the marketing of these major industry areas as well as the human relations and management aspects within the industry.
    First semester will focus on an overview of marketing as it relates to the sports and entertainment industry.  Primary projects will involve researching the NFL, NCAA, Fall TV Previews, the Olympics and different professional sports leagues.  Within these projects students will learn:  Understanding the Importance of SER Marketing, Economics, The Promotional Mix, Distribution, Public Relations, Product Development and Exploring Pricing Strategies.   Students will typically not be required to complete out of class homework . 

    Main Topics:

    • Understanding the Importance of Sports, Entertainment, and Recreation Marketing
    • Overview of Practices within the Industry
    • Economics of the Industry
    • Developing a Promotional Mix
    • Exploring Distribution Strategies
    • Exploring Public Relations/Publicity
    • Using Social Media
    • Advertising
    • Exploring Sponsorship and Endorsement
    • Exploring the Concept of Branding
    • Sales Promotion
    • Developing Job Search Skills
    • The Sales Process
    • Business Structure and Organization of SER
    • The Marketing Plan
    GO BEARS!!!!