• LCPS Retirement Benefits
    The following benefits are provided to eligible retirees of Loudoun County Public Schools:
    • Virginia Retirement System (VRS)

    An eligible LCPS retiree is: an employee who retires from LCPS service AND who immediately begins receiving a retirement from VRS.

    Retiree Health Insurance
    Retiree health insurance is available to eligible retires that were hired prior to July 1, 2013.  
    Important Notes:
    • Retirees are not permitted to add dependents after retirement.
    • School Board policy requires retirees and/or their dependents to elect Medicare parts A&B when they become eligible in order to continue health care coverage with LCPS.  Eligibility may be at age 65 or earlier if you are receiving social security disability benefits.  Failure to do so can result in the permanent cancelation of your health insurance through LCPS.

    Retiree Salary Supplement
    Employees who retire with at least 10 consecutive years of benefited LCPS service will receive a salary supplement equal to 0.5% of their final annual salary multiplied by their LCPS years of service.  The amount of the supplement will not exceed $5,000 or be less than $1,000.
    Example 1:
    Employee retires with an annual salary of $50,000 and has 25 years of LCPS service.
    $50,000 x 0.5% x 25 years = $6,250
    Supplement will be the maximum of $5,000
    Example 2:
    Employee retires with an annual salary of $50,000 and has 10 years of service.
    $50,000 x 0.5% x 10 years = $2,500
    Supplement will be $2,500

    Retiree Sick Leave Benefit
    Employees who retire with at least 10 consecutive years of benefited LCPS service will receive 25% of their final daily wage for each day of their sick leave balance at retirement.  The maximum dollar value changes annually and is equivalent to 25% of the previous year's average teacher salary for LCPS as reported in the State of Virginia's Annual School Report.  Only earned sick leave will be included.  Sick leave that has been advanced but not yet earned at the date of retirement will be excluded.

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