• Confirmation and Receipt of NOI's and Academic Progress Documentation
    The Department of Pupil Services no longer issues letters confirming receipt of Notice of Intent (NOI) or letters confirming receipt of test scores/evidence of academic progress.

    Families will be able to use links on our web site to verify receipt. If additional documentation is required to process your NOI, that information will also be posted. Please allow 10 business days to process all NOI's and confirmed receipt of test scores/evidence of academic progress.  If you need to confirm receipt ahead of 10 school days, please email our office using the link below.   
    This process allows us to give you more timely and accurate information, alert you to missing documentation and decrease the amount of paper expended in this process.
    After submitting your NOI online, you must print out and save your "Thank You" page. This page contains a reference number that you will use to find your personal information listed in a table. Each child will have his/her own, unique reference number. We will also use the same reference number to indicate whether or not we received evidence of academic progress.
    To access the links, click on the "Check Your Status" page, listed to the left. Then, click on the appropriate link.
    The Department of Pupil Services will void all NOIs that remain pending (incomplete) for more than 30 days. The void date will be posted and adhered to. If your NOI is voided, your information will be forwarded to the Attendance and Homebound Services Office.  
    Email address for any questions:  Dawn.Mahoney@lcps.org
Last Modified on July 6, 2017