• Will My Home-Instructed Child Receive A LCPS High School Diploma?
    Virginia Department of Education: "State law requires school boards to award diplomas to students who have earned the units of credit prescribed by the Board of Education and meet such other requirements as may be prescribed by the school board and approved by the Board of Education. Typically, school boards do not award diplomas to students who are not enrolled in public schools under their supervision. Therefore, students taught at home may not receive diplomas unless those students are enrolled in a correspondence program or other program that includes awarding a diploma or other exiting credential."
    LCPS Policy 8080 F. "No student on home instruction will be granted a diploma from Loudoun County Public Schools or be permitted to participate in graduation ceremonies."
    LCPS Reg 8115. "Class rank shall not be computed for part-time students, and such students shall not be eligible to graduate or receive a diploma from the Loudoun County Public Schools."

    Please note that admission to some trade schools, two year colleges and four year colleges may require a letter noting completion of home school curriculum. Our office will write a letter of completion if we receive a final, cumulative report card, final transcripts or a diploma indicating that a program has been completed. You may fax this documentation to (571) 252-1242 or e-mail scanned documents to Dawn.Mahoney@lcps.org 
Last Modified on February 16, 2023