• POLICY 8115 Part-Time Enrollment - Students in Grades 7-12

    POLICY: "The Loudoun County School Board acknowledges the provisions for equivalent instruction under Virginia law. The Board further observes that equivalent or acceptable alternative or home or private school instruction is not the same as the education delivered in the public school system.

    The families of non-enrolled Loudoun County students in grades 7-12 who wish to enroll their students on a part-time basis in the Loudoun County Public Schools may be eligible to do so for participation in high school credit classes in accordance with the regulations developed by the Superintendent.
    The Superintendent shall develop regulations necessary to provide for such enrollment in cases where the admission of non-enrolled students will have little/no impact on the admitting school's program or services."

    Algebra I, Full Year of a Foreign Language


    Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Full Year of a Foreign Language, Technology of Robotic Design


    Mathematics, Science, English, History, Social Science, Career and Technical Education, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Dual Enrollment (must be at least 16 years old) and/or Health/PE courses

     2022-23 Academic Course Planning and Program of Studies

    August 1 for Fall semester and full year classes
    December 1 for Spring semester classes
    A copy of the approved part-time enrollment form must be submitted to the Home Instruction Office when complete.
    Summary of Requirements:

    Parents must submit a completed Application for Part-Time Enrollment Form to the principal of the school that serves their place of residence by the dates listed above.  Need to know what your child's home school is? Click on the following link to input your address: https://lcpsplanning.com/loudounlabel/ 

    Students may take a maximum of two high school credit courses per school term.

    Parents/guardian/student must provide daily transportation to and from school.

    Students must meet prerequisite requirements to be enrolled in a course.

    Part-time enrollment is decided annually.

    Part-time students must take all required tests in a course, including state end-of-course tests.



    May my home instructed child apply for admission to Monroe Technology Center?

    Courses at Monroe Technology Center exceed the credit maximum allotted to home instructed students and are therefore not offered.

    May my child apply for admission to the Academy of Loudoun?

    Students accepted into the Academy of Loudoun must be full-time LCPS students and must remain so while taking courses at the Academy of Loudoun.

    My child is enrolled part-time at the high school which serves my residence.  May s/he try out for a sports team or participate in Virginia High School League extra-curricular activities?

    Part-time students may not participate in extra-curricular activities, such as those sponsored by the Virginia High School League (athletics, debate, forensics, One Act Plays, etc.).

    My child is enrolled in the band class at the high school which serves my residence.   The band director requires students to perform at football games.  May my child attend these performances?

    Yes, part-time students must enroll in co-curricular activities that are required as a result of enrollment in certain courses (orchestra, band, chorus, drama, etc.)

    My child’s age would place her in 6th grade, but she is working on a 7th grade curriculum.  Can she apply for part-time enrollment? 

    No.  We know that some students may be working at an advanced pace; however, students must also fit into the academic and social expectations of the high school credit class.  Students should fall within the appropriate age bracket to enroll part-time.

Last Modified on April 2, 2024