•  2012-2013
    LVHS Men's Soccer
    Preseason Information and Schedule
    Preseason sessions are open to any male athlete currently enrolled in 9th through 12th grade at Loudoun Valley High School.  Students already participating in a sport should not attend these sessions. To participate in any preseason activity, an athlete must have the following paperwork completed and turned in:
    • sports physical (current as of May 1, 2012)
    • completed proof of insurance or purchased insurance through the school
    • completed emergency card on file with the athletic department (not the emergency card turned into your homeroom teacher)
    • all forms can be located in the Athletic Office outside of the gymnasium or online.

    • Athletes will need the following with them at all preseason activities:
    • appropriate clothing and shoes for outdoor and indoor weather (according to LCPS policy)
    • water/sports drink
    • shin guards
    • one light colored (white/gray) shirt and one dark (black, navy) shirt


    2012 – 2013 Men’s Soccer Workouts






    October 1st 4-5:45



    October 3rd 4-5:45


    October 1st 4-5:45


    October 15th 4-5:45



    October 10th 4-5:45


    October 12th 4-5:45


    October 22nd 4-5:45



    October 17th 4-5:45


    October 19th 4-5:45


    October 29th 4-5:45



    October 24th 4-5:45


    October 26th 4-5:45





    October 31st 4-5:45