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    As part of LCPS' focus on safeguarding our community and in compliance with the recent decision to close schools to the public, the annual assessment administration day for home-instructed students scheduled for April 7 has been cancelled. 

    Per LCPS Policy 8-11 and Section 22.1-254.1 (C) of the Code of Virginia a parent who provides home instruction must demonstrate evidence of progress for their student to the division superintendent by August 1 of each applicable year.  Under the law there are several options available for families to use, including: (i) evidence that the child has attained a composite score in or above the fourth stanine on any nationally normed standardized achievement test, or an equivalent score on the ACT, SAT, or PSAT test or (ii) an evaluation or assessment which the division superintendent determines to indicate that the child is achieving an adequate level of educational growth and progress, including but not limited to (a) an evaluation letter from a person licensed to teach in any state, or a person with a master's degree or higher in an academic discipline, having knowledge of the child's academic progress, stating that the child is achieving an adequate level of educational growth and progress or (b) a report card or transcript from an institution of higher education, college distance learning program, or home-education correspondence school.

     Therefore, proof of academic progress is still required by August 1.  Please note that due to the closure of LCPS and the administration offices, if you choose to submit by U.S. mail, there may be a delay in processing your submission. 

     Please check our website for any changes or updates as we work to keep you informed during this time.  You can also e-mail us using the contact information at the top of our webpage if you have further questions.


    Loudoun County School Board Policy §8-11:

    "Instruction of children by their parents in their home has been declared an acceptable form of education by the General Assembly of Virginia provided certain requirements of state law are met. If these requirements are met, these children and their parents satisfy the state compulsory school attendance law.

    Parents who desire to provide home instruction for their children should be referred to the Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Services for information on the law and procedures to be followed.

    B. Parent Obligations

    Any parent who elects to provide home instruction in lieu of school attendance must annually notify the Division Superintendent or his/her designee in August of his/her intention and must provide evidence of having met the requirements of state law and a description of the curriculum to be followed for the coming year. Any parent of any school-age child who does not meet the notification requirements by August 15 of any school year will be subject to other provisions of the state compulsory attendance law."

    What is the Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction (NOI)?
    This is the format through which parents notify the school division superintendent that they plan to home school their child(ren). This form can be a letter, written document or online notification, which must be submitted annually.

    The Department of Pupil Services encourages parents to submit their Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction and their Description of Curriculum through the online request system, which is accessed by clicking on the "NOI Click Here" icon above.

    Once a parent/guardian has submitted the NOI, the description of curriculum (if not already included with the Notice of Intent) and any required, supporting documentation must be submitted to the Department of Pupil Services within 30 days. Correspondence may be faxed or e-mailed using the contact information at the top of this page.
     It may also be mailed to:
    Dawn Mahoney or Gabrielle Carpenter
    Loudoun County Public Schools
    Department of Pupil Services
    21000 Education Court
    Room 412
    Ashburn, VA 20148
    Home Instruction is one of several alternatives to enrolling a child of compulsory attendance age in public school. It is not a "summer only" offering or a way to advance your child to a higher grade level.
    Virtual Loudoun  

    Virtual Loudoun Summer courses are available to middle and high school students looking to get ahead.


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