• Theatre III and IV



    Course Content

    This is an advanced theatre class which I desire to run in the seminar style.  That means, I am the facilitator and the students are the engine that makes the class run.  Some of them may want to focus on playwriting, some directing, and others performance.  We are a project based class that closely follows the schedule of the running BWHS productions and functions to support the performance success of those productions (VHSL, Fall show, Winter 1-Acts, Fine Arts Night, Freshman Orientation, Spring show, Late year review).  The mainstage and 1-Act productions are invaluable learning tools by which to learn and explore all components of advanced theatre.

    Students will--produce and participate in the VHSL 1-Act, Music Project, Script Analysis, Actor’s Studio Discussions, Round Table Discussions, TextAlive!, Massage Unit, theatre games/exercises, take chances, raise the stakes, challenge their comfort level, reveal their character/design ideas, receive continuing feedback, work hard, and have fun!

    General Information

    1)  Gum is the enemy of theatre!  No gum chewing is allowed.

    2)  Students are expected to be attentive and courteous at all times.  It is my job to model the code and conduct of the theatre and to help them become better students of theatre.
    3)  They should always do your best.  Accept nothing less from themselves, each other, and those around them.
    4)  Be in their seat when the bell rings quiet and ready to work.

    5)  Dress appropriately for class everyday.

    6)  All work is due at the beginning of the class.  Late work is accepted for 50% credit maximum.

    7)  Always use positive feedback and constructive criticism.

    8)  Make-up work is their responsibility.  Some things in this class are practically impossible to make up, so they should make every effort to be present.

    9)  They will be expected to perform in at least one mainstage production.

    10)  These are the go-to theatre students (the ones at the top because they WANTED to be there and have taken three or four years of Theatre classes).  I will be pushing them harder this year to produce work, to produce better work, to truly push themselves and discover something inside.


    ~25%            In-class participation (comments, in-class work, preparation, being on-time)

    ~50%            Projects/work handed in

    ~25%            Production support given to main stage productions

    Assessments -- definite and worthy performance pieces, student-produced scenes open to the public.


Last Modified on September 8, 2021