• Theatre I

    In Theatre I, students are taught basic scene study, character analysis, theatre history (Primitive, Greek, Roman, Medieval, and Shakespearean) all of which included both an academic and performance aspect, basic voice & breathing, as well as a final scene which was primarily conceived, directed, & costumed by the students, and is performed after school during the last week school in the Black Box theatre.
    1st Quarter - consists of Introduction to Theatre Exercises, Theatrical Mantras, Identification and Discussion of Pitfalls, Stage Directions, Stage Focus, and Basic Scenework.
    2nd Quarter - starts the units on Theatre History (Primitive, Greek, Roman, Medieval, Shakespeare, Modern).  Each unit will consist of in-class work, homework, a culminating test, and a performance component.
    Theatre History Assessment - includes listing pitfalls, mantras, stage directions, stage focus, as well as an essay comparing and contrasting two different periods of theatre history. 
    3rd Quarter - concludes the units on Theatre History and moves into additional scenework from modern day theatre.  Also, voice and breathing.  
    4th Quarter - consists mostly of preparation for their Final Scene which is their culminating end-of-year project.  Always a short two-person or three-person scene of approximately 3-5 pages in length, chosen and cast by me, and geared to the strengths and abilities of each student based on year-long evaluation.     
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