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    Frau Sheen attended the American College of Switzerland, Universitaet Bonn, and graduated from Colorado State University.  She’s taught German in Loudoun County since 1995.  She travels between schools and the best way to be in touch with her is through the LCPS email system.


    Frau Sheen’s expectations:


    Respect yourself, your classmates, and the administration.  Be accountable for homework, behavior, and other class requirements.  Make the effort to always do your best.


    Come to class prepared to work. 
    This means having your textbook, your workbook, paper, writing implement, and any necessary handouts. 

    Homework is to check understanding and practice.  It’s due the class it’s assigned to be due!  Every student has at least one homework buddy.  

    Students may not keep the quizzes and tests (county policy).
    Assessments are designed to measure student learning.  Some assessments will be designated as "formative" to to inform students and teachers on their learning.  These assessments will typically take place during class.  They will include classwork, homework, daily activities and end-of-the-lesson checks.  "Summative"  assessments will evaluate student leaning at the end of a lesson or unit.  These may take the form of quizzes, tests, presentations, skits, etc.
    In order to help all students experience success, I will offer an opportunity for re-teaching and re-assessing per SMMS re take practices.  By county policy, retakes are not permitted for CPAs, midterm and final exams.  Prior to completing a retake, students must be up-to-date on all assignments.  Additionally, students must complete a "World Language Retake Application" (which will be provided by the students's teacher).  Students and parents can access SLARITY for updates on grades.  Grading will be based on a point system.  
    Frau Sheen can be reached at karen.sheen@lcps.org
Last Modified on August 28, 2014