• LCPS Policies and Regulations

     3010  Administrative Goals 
     3020  Policy Implementation
     3040  School Building Administration
     3050  Trained Service Animals
     3050-REG  Trained Service Animals
     3065  Information Security Protection (ISP)
     3065-REG  Information Security Protection (ISP)
     3070  Safety- and Emergency-Related Communications
     3070-REG  Safety- and Emergency-Related Communications - REGULATION
     3080-REG  Gun-Free School Board Buildings and Property - REGULATION
     3110  Appointment and Term
     3120  Powers and Duties of the Division Superintendent
     3120-REG  Powers and Duties
     3130  Evaluation
     Office of Ombuds
     Evaluation of New and Established Programs
    3310-REG Evaluation of New and Established Programs  - REGULATION
Last Modified on November 6, 2023