• Grading

    Students will be graded using summative assessments including Motor Development Skill Cues, Cognitive Assessments, and projects focusing on Physical Education and Health content that align with the Virginia SOLs. These assessments will include Formative and Summative Assessments. Students will be graded using traditional points.



    Formative assessments will not be included in the grade but will show the students progress towards their target.  Below is the scale used to track a students' progress towards mastery.

    Learning Progression Scale (LPS):


    4: I've got it and I own it.

    3: I am hitting the target.

    2: I'm hitting the target sometimes but I still am having difficulty.

    1: I'm not clear. I'm lost




    Re-Teaching, and Retesting Policy

    ·         The Physical Education Department expects students to successfully master the content. We will give the opportunity for extra support through our re-teach, re-test policy. Below is an outline of our retake policy.


    —  Any student that gets 70% or lower on an assessment will be required to retake the assessment. The highest score possible on the retake assessment is 86%. Students who earn a 70-86% on the original assessment have the option to retest, with the highest score on the retest being 86%. Students who earn an 87% or higher on the original assessment, are not allowed a retake.



    —  Students can retake a Summative Assessment ONE time.



    —  Students have two weeks from the time they receive their assessment to complete a retest.



    —  Students new scores that show mastery will replace the old scores.



Last Modified on September 8, 2016