• The purpose of MATHCOUNTS is to motivate and achieve excellence through fun and challenging math activities. Students are also encouraged to learn from one another and to work together to solve problems. MATHCOUNTS is a great opportunity for students who have a interest in math and aim to achieve a career that's math-related.


    Important Dates:

    We meet every Wednesday 7:45-8:30 AM in the auditorium. The school competition is in January and the chapter (local) competition is in February.


    Problem of the Week:

    There is a weekly problem posted every Monday on the MATHCOUNTS website at www.mathcounts.org/potw. MATHCOUNTS students are encouraged to check it out and give it 110%.


    Club Sponsors:

    Ms. Dunnaville and Mrs. Kapp are the current sponsors. If you are a parent and interested in volunteering, please contact Ms. Dunnaville or Mrs. Kapp.


    Interesting Websites:

    www.reelmath.org: This website includes math enrichment videos.


    www.mathcounts.org: The main MATHCOUNTS page.


    http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Edutainment/ftwcs3/Pages/documentation.php: This website has a mock Countdown round where your skills are put to the test against other students, with more than 15200 previous MATHCOUNTS problems.

Last Modified on November 8, 2011