• The following are movie suggestions that cover the 6th grade history curriculum. Parents please review these movies before showing them to your child. Each family will have different rules and regulations for their households when it comes to what are appropriate movies to watch.
    1. Gettysburg-based on the book Killer Angels. This movie tells the story of the most famous battle of the Civil War from the perspective of both the Confederates and Union leaders.
    2. Glory - There are two versions The "R" rated that was in theaters and the "Pepsi-cola" version made for secondary education. The latter is hard to find, but is more suitable for middle school ages. The story is about the 54th Black Massachusetts Regiment (one of the first black regiments in US history) and their heroic tale that takes place during the Civil War.
    3. Roots - The grandfather of mini series'. This story is base on Alex Haley's book Roots that tells of his family tree from West Africa to America, to freedom. This was made for TV and can be seen every Feb. during Black History month.
    4. John Adams - HBO mini series that is based on David McCullough's book of the same name. The story centers around John Adams historical life and has several high points featuring Revolutionary events. There is one particular scene that is not appropriate for middle school children that involves the tar and feathering of a tax collector in Boston. Normal considerations should apply beyond that.
    5. Patriot - Revolutionary favorite that is demonstrates the revolutionary spirit an features some period battle lines.
    6. Johnny Termain - based on the book by Ester Forbes of the same name. Disney type settings featuring the Boston Tea Party.
    7. April Morning - Revolutionary setting featuring the first day of conflict between the Americans and her mother country Great Britain. The story centers around fictional characters that lived in Lexington Massachusetts as they answered the call to stand for their principles.
    8. Washington Crossing the Delaware - there are a couple well done versions; recommended is the HBO special featuring Kelsey Grammer, that tells the historical night of Washington dared to test the elements and challenge the enemy against all odds.  
    9. Amistad - is based on the true story of a slave uprising that was successful but brought the newly liberated crew to Rhode Island and the jurisdiction of the US government. The story centers around John Quincy Adams and his efforts to free the Africans. Note: there is a very inappropriate scene that is in the beginning of the movie when the Africans are below decks.
    10. Shenandoah - this Civil War movie demonstrates how families were separated and struggled during the war between the states.
    11. Dances With Wolves - The setting takes place in the west during the period of the Civil War. It features the Sioux Indians and a relationship with Lt. John Dunbar 
    12. Related movies during the time period - How the West was Won and Tombstone. Both are related to the subject matter as they demonstrate how wild the west was tamed.