• What is a Parent Liaison?

    A Parent Liaison is a LCPS staff member (not a volunteer) who works to bridge the gap between home and school by helping parents get the information and support they need to ensure their childs academic and social success. As a parent, you have a private link, connection, and bridge to your childs school.

    A LIAISON is the contact person who initiates a close connection/relationship and maintains that communication/link between two parties in order to ensure concerted action and cooperation toward agreed upon goals on both sides.


    Your Parent Liaison can connect you to important information:


    Contacting Teachers and Counselors

    School Dress Code

    Absentee Calls

    Kindergarten Registration

    Special Education

    Summer School

    The American School System

    School Expectations

    Graduation Requirements

    SOL Testing

    Monroe Technology Center

    Douglass School


    Your Parent Liaison can connect you to available resources/help

    School Supplies

    Public Library Use

    Athletic Programs

    Medial Assistance/Glasses

    After School Program

    Your Parent Liaison can help you make a comfortable connection with the school

    Back to School Nights

    Parent/Teacher Conferences



    Home Visits


    Get Help from Interpreters

    Your Parent Liaison can connect you to support in crisis situations (emotional, physical, and academic)






    Substance and Physical Abuse


    Family Deaths

    At Risk of Failing


    For further information please contact:

    Loudoun County Public Schools -- The Office of Outreach Programs

    21000 Education Court, Suite 511B

    Ashburn, VA 20148

    Phone: 571-252-1460    FAX: 571-252-1634