Hours Goals Policies

  • Library Hours  

    Monday - Friday 7:10 am - 2:30 pm

    Goals of the Library

    Teach students to be successful users of information; encourage students to discover and read a variety of literature; and, provide students, staff, and school families with resources to facilitate and enhance learning.

    Teach the following goals of Critical and Creative Thinking:

    • To contribute to the development of "strong sense" critical and creative thinkers;
    • To develop an understanding of how knowledge is created, evaluated, refined and changed within subject areas;
    • To promote both intuitive, imaginative thought and the ability to evaluate ideas, processes, experiences and objects in meaningful contexts;
    • To enable students to think for themselves, to recognize the limits of individual reflection and the need to contribute to and build upon mutual understandings (Sask. Ed., 1990).

    Policies of the Library

    In addition to a love of reading, we hope to promote individual responsibility through the check-out of books and library resources.  The maximum number of items borrowed at one time is dictated by the grade level. This is to ensure continuous circulation of materials to the greatest number of users.  Books and materials may be returned prior to library class for additional, flexible check out. 

    Kindergarten: one item 

    First Grade & Second Grade: two items 
    Third Grade - Fifth Grade: three items 

    Additional books are allowed for classroom projects,
    as required by classroom teachers and at librarians' discretion.