• Where to Find PBIS in Our School

    Part of what makes PBIS so effective at Liberty Elementary School is the fact that it is incorporated into every physical element and behavioral expectation of our school. From the library to the cafeteria, PBIS’s presence is felt. If you are walking down the hallway, you may have noticed signs reminding students how they should be respecting self, property, and others. Or, you may have seen students holding up three fingers to show that they are ready to learn and are demonstrating appropriate school behavior.

    Red Zone

    What do the different colors mean?

    You may hear your student discussing red, green, and yellow zones. These zones notify students of what amount of chatter and noise is expected in different parts of the school. Talking with friends is not permitted in a red zone, as this is a place where learning is happening or silence is expected. Green zones allow for talking at a regular level of sound. Yellow zones call for quieter, whisper-like voices.

    Green zone: recess, playground

    Yellow zone: cafeteria, bus, classroom, library

    Red zone: hallway (during instructional time), fire drills