• Mr. Cassidy - 9th grade syllabus
    9th grade - 1st Quarter
    Literature - Short Story Unit, Newsela assignments
    Writing/Grammar -  Sentences, Fragments, Run-Ons, Journals, Paragraphs, Multi-Paragraph Essay
    9th grade - 2nd Quarter
    Literature - Don't Look Behind You
    Writing and Grammar - 3.5 Essay, Persuasive Essay, Verb Tenses, Subject-Verb Agreement
    9th grade - 3rd Quarter
    Literature - Of Mice and Men
    Writing and Grammar - The Research Process/ Research Paper, Punctuating Titles, Commas, Apostrophes
    9th grade - 4th Quarter
    Literature - Shakespeare / Romeo and Juliet
     Literature - The Poetry Unit
    Writing and Grammar -Quotations/ Dialogue Punctuation, Creative Writing
    Mr. Cassidy 12th grade syllabus
    12th grade - 1st Quarter  - Writing Composition
    Grammar - Commas, Apostrophes, Colons,Sentence Variety, Punctuate Dialogue
    Journal Writing - Desriptive Journals, Personal Journals
    Descriptive Essay - use of Figurative language, sensory language, showing emotions/feelings vs. describing them
    Personal Essay - describe what makes you unique / or a major adversity you have faced and how it has changed you
    12th grade - 2nd Quarter Plan - Writing Composition
    Grammar -  Appositives, Subjective-Verb Agreement, Parallelism 
    Journal Writing - Persuasive Journals
    Persuasive Essay - Sate your view / acknowledge opposing views / prove your point with details, examples, etc.
    Research Essay - Research a career, college, branch of the military, or non-American author, plagiarism, MLA format
    12th grade - 3rd Quarter Plan - World Literature
    Independent Reading Project - Daily 
    Current Events Article/ Journal - Newsela
    Cryano De Bergerac, The Elephant Man, The Washwoman, The Last Dive, The Necklace, The Sparrow
    12th grade - 4th Quarter Plan - World Literature
    Independent Reading Project - Daily
    Current Events Article / Journal - Newsela and The Atlantic
    Tuesdays with Morrie + Final Class Paper/Project
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