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Fifth Grade Web Links 

Links to Images for Research - please note searching for images is filtered as much as possible within the school system but know that no site is 100% clear. Student should always search for images with teacher/parent awareness and permission.
FLICKR Creative Commons - if using this site be sure to give credit for using pictures based on license level


Math Playground- Algebraic Reasoning

Language Arts & Reading

BBC Skillwise-Grammar

Feast of Homophones - 2Bee or Nottoobee

Grammar Blast

Grammer Bytes

Grammar Gorillas

Grammar Practice Park

Instant Poetry Form

Kids Newsroom

Mad Libs Junior on Fun Brain

Possessive Nouns

Rats: Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs

Scrambled Stories 
 ScholasticSpelling City - use your own vocabulary words to solve puzzles and play games

Texas Agency Writing Test

Time for Kids


Wall of Words

Wacky Web Tales


Social Studies

CIA World Fact Book

 RandMcNally Maps

             SIRS Discoverer

Websites for Poland


United States and Regions Information

national geographic explore us-states

Postcards from America

The US50 - A guide to the fifty states

50States - States and Capitals

Quia - U.S. Capitals Activities

Quia - U.S. state abbreviation activties

States-Fact Monster

States Kids' page

Net -

Northeast region webquest

US regions Webquests 


Animal Kingdoms

Animal and Plant cells

Interactive animal cell

 Woods Hole Oceanographic

     - Alvin picture

    - Alvin Website

Light website

Science Fair ideas

Science News For Students

Find the missing elements

Cell Inspector - Harcourt

            Element Research

            Periodic Table

            Dive Into the Deep 
             Food Web 

Ocean Zonation
Ocean Light Zones

FEMA for Kids:Tsunami

World / Geology



Brain Boosters

Internet Scavenger Hunts