Fourth Quarter Plans


    Review String class

    Review constructors, methods and their calls, and private data

    Review 2D built-in arrays

    Review interfaces and abstract classes

    Review Lists and ArrayLists

    Review the linked list data structure using a ListNode object

    Review the LinkedList class

    Review the stack data structure using the interface Stack

    Review the queue data structure using the interface Queue

    Review recursion


    Continue studying Gridworld Case Study, chapters 4 and 5

    Continue studying binary tree data structure

    Continue studying  the Big OH notation

    Continue studying  Maps and Sets

    Continue studying  Hashing

    Continue studying  sorting and searching routines and discuss their efficiency


    Practice writing answers to free response questions similar to the AP test

    Practice answering multiple choice questions similar to the AP test


    After the AP test given in early May, students will complete a project that uses advanced data structures and GUI objects for an end-of-year project.


Last Modified on April 15, 2010