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Fourth Grade Web Links


Links to Images for Research - please note searching for images is filtered as much as possible within the school system but know that no site is 100% clear. Student should always search for images with teacher/parent awareness and permission.
FLICKR Creative Commons - if using this site be sure to give credit for using pictures based on license level


The Math Forum Home Page

Place Value - identifying The Place Value of Each Digit

place 3
Expanded Form

Base Ten Blocks Games:
 base 1
base 2  
Catch Ten -different chunks of base ten blocks
base 4

Partition - base ten
base 5
Math Buddy - as many in 60 seconds…

base 7


Language Arts & Reading


Paragraph Punch Level1 - Reasons

Paragraph Punch is a guided writing program. It will help you to write a paragraph that explains why you are doing something.

BallHogs: Synonyms and Antonyms

Spelling City - use your own vocabulary words to solve puzzles and play games

Wild World of Words  - Take this spelling challenge


Social Studies

African American Biography Project
Virginia Studies

VA Studies - Virginia Studies Outline - online resources for teachers and students

SOL Review - Famous Virginians

Famous Virginians - 20th Century

Famous Virginians - American Revolution

Famous Virginians - Civil War

Famous Virginians - Presidential Pop-Up

US Geography

Quia - State Capitals Activity

Quia - State Abbreviations - States and Capitals

The US50 - A guide to the fifty states



Electricity Book - Circuits

 Roller Coaster- physics


eNature  Over 5,000 species. Great pictures and information.

Kids Planet

World Almanac for Kids - Animal Facts

 Washington National Zoo

 Busch Gardens & Sea World Animal Information Database

Yahooligans- animals, Ranger Rick

Animal Planet



The Great Plant Escape

Life Cycle of a Plant


Earth, Moon, and Sun

Earth View- a view of earth from the sun

Earth View - a view of earth from the moon

Moon View  - a view of the moon from the Earth

Solar System- NASA overview of solar system  Planets & Solar System

 Nine Planets


 Astronomy For Kids: The Planets of Our Solar System

HubbleSite - Fun & Games

Galaxies Galore, Games, and More

Kids Astronomy  

Scholastic Space

Easy internet science activities for Space



What is a thunderstorm

Weather Watch - Scholastic

Web Weather for Kids

Weather Disaster Readiness

The Weather Channel


Simple Machines

Simple Machines

Static  Electricity


Winter word search