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    What do I need each day for class?  All students must bring their novel, their reading journal, and their homework.
    2nd period:  Split up into groups.  Sleeping Freshmen text- Quiz & mini-group discussions.  Sleeping group stayed in the class.
    Speak text- Sat outside of the classroom.  Students completed the Friendship advertisement activity.  Adjustments- Friendship Pie, Friendship Cake, cupcakes, bridges, art canvas, etc.  Students were given an option on how they wanted to identify the key characteristics/requirements that students look for in a true friend.  Students created a visual image of some excerpt of the novel that connects events from the text and the literary elements.
    4th period:  Class was shortened due to PSAT testing.  Students were introduced to the above assignments and given the task of completing the two tasks. 
    Reading Assignments for both novels-    Reading Assignments
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