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Are You a Senior...

  • thinking about college, but confused by the process?
  • planning to complete a bachelor's degree?
  • thinking about starting at NOVA and then transferring to George Mason (GMU) or another 4-yr university?
Pathway to the Baccalaureate could be a Great Idea for you!
Pathways Benefits in High School:
  • Individual Meetings with Pathway counselors on college transition issues, including choosing a major and a career.
  • Workshops on the application process and preparation for placement tests
  • Assistance applying for and processing financial aid, scholarships, and NOVA payment plan
  • Early placement testing and priority course registration for your first semester at NOVA
  • Pathway activities/events at NOVA and George Mason University
Pathway Benefits at NOVA:
  • Continued academic and career counseling by a Pathway counselor
  • Guaranteed admission to GMU for participants who satisfy Pathway Program GAA requirements
  • Special Pathway Sections of your College Success Skills classes
  • The opportunity in your second year to enroll in classes at GMU
  • Regular academic and social activities and early access to activities and athletic events at GMU
Who is Eligible to Apply?
Rising or current seniors at a participating public high school who:
  • will graduate no later than August
  • plan to earn a bachelor's degree
  • have a strong desire for academic success
** No minimum GPA required to apply! Students currently participating in other college access programs are strongly encouraged to apply!
For more information, please visit the Pathway website at For an application, see Mrs. Jacobson in the Career Center.
For some background information relating to this program visit the link below:
How One Community College is Helping Unprepared Students Succeed
Last Modified on October 7, 2011