• What is narrative nonfiction, and what makes some narrative nonfiction great?
    Narrative nonfiction tells a story in much the same way that fiction tells a story; the main difference being that with narrative nonfiction, the story is true. However, telling a story only makes the nonfiction a narrative, it doesn't make it great. Great narrative nonfiction requires a great storyteller - someone with a keen grasp of plot, character development, pacing, conflict and resolution.
    The books listed below showcase writers who have mastered their craft.  Here you will find tales of adventure, biographies, autobiographies and memoirs, historical accounts brought to life, and fascinating explorations. Click on a cover below to get more information about any of the books, or scroll to the bottom of the page for a link to a document with numerous other options organized by topic.
    Oogy Cover Witches! Cover Predictably Irrational Final Jeopardy
    Q Cover Decide Cover Map Cover Cover Killer Cover
    Walk Cover Storm Cover Pregnancy Cover Thin Air Cover Girl Hunter Cover
    Stiff Cover Cold Blood Cover Unbroken Cover Devil Cover War Cover
    Counted Cover Glass Cover Hot Zone Cover Zeitoun Cover Tweak Cover

    Here is a pdf document with lots of possible choices organized by topic.



Last Modified on January 15, 2019