• Homework: 10/17- 10/24
    Assignments are always subject to change... look over your child's nightly agenda as well.
    Math: (Continue practicing your multiplication facts.) Currently working on divisibility rules and reviewing basic addition/subtraction. I always extend the concepts as we compete in our Team Points challenges.
    Practice multiplication facts each night. 
    Reading: Read 20 minutes each night. 
    1st quarter content involves interpreting Characters- I am reading Hatchet aloud in class and we are enjoying some great discussions. Students are writing responses to different topics as well. 
    We have started conferences in class. Students need to continue reading so they can discuss the book they are currently reading.
    Spelling: Unit 6: complete at least two weekly assignments and prepare for your first test on Thursday, 10/24. I will be giving two grades each week; one for homework and one for their test. (See notes under the spelling tab for further instructions.)
    Reading/Writing connection:
    Monday - students will write about their weekend
    Completed nonfiction reading on the Sun and Earth: 
    Monday Prompt - Write about your weekend.
    Tuesday- Thursday: students write to different writing prompts and responses. (Each student has a writing journal and a reading response notebook they work in.)
    10 life events diagram/chart
    complete a learning style inventory in class. (This identifies student preferred learning modalities.)
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