• Grade 7

    Family and Consumer Science 7
    Semester Class

    • Family and Consumer Sciences is a semester exploratory program, which provides a hands-on approach to the development of skills that are critical to everyday life.
    • Activities prepare students for taking on responsibilities at home and in their lives.
    • Students explore, through a multimedia approach, concepts and practice skills related to nutrition, laundry techniques, consumerism, personal grooming, money management, food preparation, career interest, environmental issues, and many more.

    Grade 8

    Family and Consumer Sciences 8
    One Semester or Entire Year

    • Family and Consumer Science 8 is an elective course that can be taken for one semester or for a year.
    • The focus is on improving self identity, sharpening communication and social skills, increasing academic achievement, managing resources, and becoming oriented to the world of work.
    • Through a practical problem-solving approach, students learn to critically examine concerns, seek solutions, and solve problems in caring ways.
    Various concepts explored in sixth and seventh grade will be expanded for in-depth study.  Leadership skills are integrated in the curriculum through FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America).

    Stone Hill Family and Consumer Sciences Grading Policy 

       Student grades will be calculated using summative assessments.  These assessments will be in the form of module grades (7th grade only), quizzes, tests, projects, food labs, One to the World projects, and other hands-on experiences.