• The students' performance will be assessed orally and in writing:

     - daily with homework completion and correction, as well as class participation.
    - periodically with quizzes (1 to 2 per chapter) and tests (1 per chapter) and projects (per quarter)
    The quizzes and tests assess the four strands: listening comprehension, speaking,
    reading comprehension, writing. Within these strands are assessed vocabulary, structure
    and culture to ensure the learning of the standards. Due to the numerous learning targets involved in each assessment, they are not listed individually in Phoenix.
    The foreign language Standards Of Learning are organised as follows:
    COMMUNICATION: communicate in languages other than English.
    CULTURES : gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures.
    CONNECTIONS : connect with other disciplines and acquire information.
    COMPARISONS : Develop insight into the nature of language and culture.
    COMMUNITIES: paticipate in multilingual communities at home and around the world.
    Retake of quizzes and tests on new material for students who received a D or an F are allowed following these requirements:
    The student has to have completed at least 80% of the homework pertaining to the material.
    The student has to come to a re-teach session announced in class.
    The student has to stay after school  in order to take the retake on the Thursday following the reteach session, all this within a week of receiving the quiz or test back.