• Assessment during Art Class is not based on the child’s ability to draw or paint. Their work and talent will not be compared to other students art work.


    Students are asked...

    Am I following directions in ART class???

    Am I trying my BEST in ART class???


     What marks you may see on your child’s report card...

    (Exceeds Standard)


    Your child completes the given assignments, also going further creatively and with more expression then the requirement. He or she may be using other skills in addition to those discussed.

    (Meets Standard)


    Your child successfully fulfills the requirements of the lessons independently to the best of their ability and is on target with the skills covered in class.




    Your child is showing progression with skills in Art and includes most of the given requirements in his or her lesson with teacher assistance.



    Your child is not yet working to his/her fullest potential and did not meet the requirements of the lesson with teacher assistance. The skill may be new and require a greater effort.

Last Modified on August 15, 2019