• 2013-2014 Art 1 Overview

    with Mrs. Chahin

    In Class Art Projects – 100 points

    1. Name Art - Building a Portfolio and creating a Name Tag for your portfolio using a theme and colored pencils.

    2. Multiple Views - A graphite shading assignment that shows the students ability to draw an object from observation in multiple different perspectives.

    3. Portrait Stories - An ink self-portrait based on a story about the student that they want to externally portray.

    4. Perspective - A surreal multimedia piece based on 1-point, 2-point or 3-point perspective with the students own surreal twist.

    5. Printmaking - A stylized text design based on "Stamping the World with your Words."

    Midterm Exam - A collaborative piece that touches base on projects 1-5, including a written critique

    6. Forever - A clay project where students replicate an object of personal importance to cast it "forever” so that it never expires, runs out, goes extinct or over used.

    7. Color Theory - Students will learn about color mixing and color theory to then acrylic paint their forever objects.

    8. Nature - A watercolor painting based on a piece of nature that holds value to the student’s culture or up bring.

    9. Animal Portraits - An oil pastel project based on a portrait of an animal, piece of nature or object that the student wants to show importance to.

    Final Exam - A collaborative piece that touches base on projects 6-9, including a written critique

    Out of Class Visual Journal Assignments – 50 points

    Every month students will be given a topic that corresponds to the topic and technique that we are discussing in class, and will have 5 guidelines to follow in order to complete their visual journal assignment.  Visual Journal Assignments are designed to be further out of class practices of in class project techniques and implications.  These assignments will be worth 50 points, which is half of an in class project. Students will have at least 30 minutes every week to work on their Visual Journal Assignments in class, but are strongly encouraged to create a studio space of comfort at home to do these assignments.  The goal of doing these assignments at home is not to overwhelm the students with more homework, but instead to encourage them to take art outside of the classroom and create a studio space of their own at home. All Visual Journal Assignments are asked to be completed inside of the student’s class sketchbook. The dates of this semester’s Visual Journal Assignments are the following:

    1st Semester VJA Dates

    - September's Visual Journal Assignment Handout and Rubric

    Assigned Thursday September 5th, Due Friday September 27th


    - October's Visual Journal Assignment  Handout and Rubric

    Assigned Tuesday October 1st, Due Wednesday October 30th


    - November's Visual Journal Assignment  Handout and Rubric
    Assigned Friday November 1st, Due Thursday November 21st


    - December's Visual Journal Assignment 

    Assigned Monday December 2nd, Due Friday December 20th


    - January's Visual Journal Assignment 

    Assigned Friday January 3rd, Due Friday January 17th


    2nd Semester VJA Dates TBA before Midterms