What being an Artist   Teacher 
    means to Mrs. Chahine 
       Being an artist is more than having a talent of visual interpretation through the mediums of Drawing, Painting, Photography, Digital Media and Sculpture; is is about filtering out the obvious in life and having a deeper understanding of the world with endless possibilities.  Art is one of the few ways individuals are given the right to exemplify their personal expression.  Being an Artist is a privilege and honor in it of its own however, now being able to share my passion and knowledge of art with my students, as an art educator, is the greater accomplishment and dream.


       The power of art is not only the ability to understand art’s aesthetics but to also be able to embrace others of it with an open mind of interpretation.  Unfortunately our society often mistakes art’s aesthetics for a traditional talent with no room for interpretation; being an art educator will allow me the opportunity to embrace student’s imagination and ideas of expression with a wider range of what art is without being limited to the traditional lines of beauty.


       As an art educator, it is my goal to ensure that students learn how to not only understand and navigate through our visual world and culture, but also how to apply today's visual culture into their everyday lives.  Art joins all subjects by teaching close observation in which students develop strong problem-solving abilities, an invaluable key for future learning and long-term success.  One of my grade school art educators once told me, “The beauty of being an art teacher is that we not only teach our students but we learn from them too.”  Because of art’s beauty of endless possibilities, I hope to be the teacher that is inspired and inspires students to be bold by freeing their youthful imagination carrying art into everything they do.