Arcola Elementary 2019-2020

    Counseling Department Annual Calendar


    Back to school night activities August 20

    Open House August 21

    School starts August 22

    PBIS ROAR Rally August 28

    PBIS staff presentation

    K-5 classroom support

    Cafeteria support

    PBIS Action Plan


    Classroom lessons (Social Skills & Careers)

    Character Pillar (fairness)

    Dragon Dads

    SCA meeting

    The Great Kindness Challenge 1/27-1/31



    Bi-weekly classroom lessons begin 9/3 (Introduction/School Success/listening skills/cooperation)

    Character Pillar (respect)

    The Edge Field Trip (5th grade)

    FEA Tutors

    Go Gold for childhood cancer/ Ellie’s Hats Collection

    SCA Election


    Classroom lessons (Social Skills, Decision- Making, Stress Management)

    Middle school scheduling (5th grade)

    Character Pillar (fairness)

    SCA school-wide activity

    Quarterly Awards

    Dragon Dads


    School-wide bullying prevention & Education lessons

    Character Pillar (responsibility)

    Staff presentation on Bullying Prevention, CPS/Suicide protocol for staff

    Dragon Dads

    Weekly lunch groups begin

    PBIS Advisory Council

    Dragon Pals Peer Mentoring Program training & implementation

    SCA Installation

    Unity Day October 23


    Classroom lessons (School Success & Bullying Prevention Education Booster)

    Cogat make-up testing (2nd grade)

    Middle school scheduling (5th grade)

    Character Pillar (citizenship)

    Arcola staff line soccer game

    Advisory Council

    SCA meeting

    Dragon Dads

    Careers on Wheels K-2 - 3/13

    College and Career Spirit Week 3/16-3/20

    Career Day 3-5 – 3/27


    Classroom lessons (Social Skills)

    Character Pillar (caring)

    Advisory Council Nov.5

    Dragon Dads

    Teacher/parent conference assistance

    SCA meeting

    Quarterly Awards

    Turkey Bowl Food Collection


    Classroom lessons (Social Skills, 5th - middle school transition)

    Character Pillar (citizenship)

    SCA meeting

    Dragon Dads

    Quarterly Awards



    Classroom lessons (Social Skills- caring/friendship)

    Character Pillar (caring)

    SCA meeting

    Dragon Dads



    Classroom lessons (School Success, Social Skills, 5th – middle school transition)

    Mercer Middle School field trip (5th grade)

    Character Pillar (trustworthiness)

    SOL testing proctor/make-up testing

    Dragon Dads

    Weekly lunch groups end

    Class placement meetings


     Child Study meetings

     School Leadership Team       

     Behavior Intervention Team      

     Daily am/pm duty                                  

     PBIS Team           

     Individual student counseling    

     Weekly CLT Meetings

     Monthly counselor/cluster meetings

     Monthly faculty meetings

     Check In/Check Out

     Parent meetings 

     Dragon Pals- Mentoring Program/ SCA


    Classroom lessons end

    5th grade celebration activities

    Field Day activities assistance

    PBIS school-wide Incentive

    Class placement meetings

    Quarterly Awards

    Last day of school June 10

    Advisory Council June 11