• Second Nine Weeks

     Goals are determined by the Virginia Standards of Learning in Art 


    *Students will continue to reflect on the art-making process, using a digital  journal.

    *Students will continue to develop texture in clay sculpture. 

    *The student will refine personal works of art to improve quality of craftsmanship through digital applications. 

    *The student will synthesize prior knowledge and experience to create a swirl design.

    *Students will write in their journals about art of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

    *Students will communicate the principles of design in connected shape drawing.

    *Students will write reflective as part of a charcoal graphic design.

    *Students will use observational and expressive drawing techniques in portraiture

    *Students will analyze how visual organization in works of art affects the communication of ideas in a mixed media  design.

    *Students will compare and contrast works of art according to medium, period, style, and artist.

    *The student will describe how works of art are influenced by social, political, and economic factors in Renaissance, Baroque and Impressionist periods. 






Last Modified on November 5, 2019