•  A little bit about Mrs. Chahine

             Mrs. Chahine is teaching on "A Days" at Dominion High School and on "B Days" at Seneca Ridge Middle School.  This is Mrs. Chahine's third year teaching at both schools, however not her first time being apart of the school's community.  Mrs. Chahine was actually a student at Seneca Ridge, went off to Dominion High School their opening year and graduated from Dominion's class of 2006.  After graduating from Dominion High School, she went off to George Mason University to receive her Bachelors in Fine Arts, with a Concentration in Photography.  Immediately after, Mrs. Chahine entered the Masters of Art Teaching program at George Mason University.  While Mrs. Chahine was in the Masters program, she volunteered over 300 hours helping out in the Art Department at Dominion High school, taught a museum education course at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and was a Teacher's Assistant for two photography courses at George Mason.  It is an honor for her to be back to her home schools and to be teaching Art 1 at Dominion and 6th Grade Art at Seneca.  Over the summer the formally known "Ms A" got married and is now Mrs. Chahine (Cha-heen).  Some say it's easier than Amirhadji, but I argue that nothing is easier than "Ms A" :)
     SAAM  SAAM2
    Mrs. Chahine teaching her Critical Response Course at the SAAM in the Spring of 2009 
     DHS1  DHS2
    Mrs. Chahine teaching during her 300+ volunteer hours spent at Dominion High School