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         My grading policy is simple
    If a student is putting out regular, serious effort,  then they will be successful. Classwork and homework both contribute to progress and mastery  of skill in the areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening in EL English, Reading and Content Area classes.
    Classwork  5- 10 pts
    Homework  10 - 50 pts
    Quizzes   25- 100 pts
    Tests   100 pts
    Projects/ Presentations 100 pts
    There is a balance between the number of assignments for homework, classwork, projects, quizzes, and tests. Some assignments are marked as a formative grade and each student is responsible to listen and make corrections as the work is reviewed in class. Some assignments are collected to evaluated and assigned a summative grade. Each assignment should be completed to the students best ability regardless of how it is to be evaluated.  
    After  consideration of  why a student  is not demonstrating progress or mastery, I will allow students to retake or re-do certain assignments. Students who are struggling will be invited to stay after school for further instruction, and the chance to complete alternative assignments, or quizzes/tests.  If a student is absent, they will be given ample time to complete the work missed.